Open Purchase: - We offer open purchase for 30 days from the time of purchase.

In order for a product to be returned, the product must be returned in new condition and in the case where there original packaging, it must be included upon return and be in the same condition as the time of purchase. The customer must be able to present a valid proof of purchase in the form of receipt or receipt copy.

Custom made or special orders where the product is manufactured/modified specifically for a customer do not apply to an open purchase.

NB! Normally, it takes about 2 weeks from sending your return to us before you receive any refund. In exceptional cases, it may take up to 30 days for a refund, which is the maximum time by law. Please contact us before returning the goods, we can then reduce the handling time so that you will be satisfied. We do not make exchange.

Click on “Contact us” and send your request.

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Upon return, we only make refunds, if you want to exchange, please place a new order instead.


Warranty: -

We usually provide a one-year warranty on all products from the original purchase of the product. To invoke the warranty, the relevant proof of purchase, receipt, delivery date etc. must be included with the complaint. The warranty does not cover the cost of repairs at someone else’s, unless otherwise agreed in advance with our customer service. Please note that special warranty conditions may apply to products from other suppliers and manufacturers.

The warranty covers defects caused by material or production defects; such a defect that becomes apparent within the warranty period shall be deemed to have existed at the time of purchase. Wear and tear, improper use are not covered by the warranty. Without prejudice to your legal rights. Alive Moto reserves the right to repair or replace the product in the event of complaint during the warranty period.


You as a customer have the right to complain about an original defect – defect that already existed at the time of purchase. On your products as long as you complain about the product within (1) one year of receiving the product. If you wish to claim a defect in the product, you should contact Alive Moto as soon as possible after the error was discovered. In order for the complaint to be valid, it must be made within a reasonable time after you noticed or should have noticed the error. A complaint made a within two months of the defect being discovered is always considered to have been made within a reasonable time, more doubtful thereafter. To made a complaint, please contact our customer service.

Outside the voluntary warranty period, you as a customer are obliged to prove that any defects existed at the time of purchase. We are happy to help you with a survey. However, if we do not approve the complaint, a survey fee will be charged. If you then choose not to take back the product or if you choose to repair the product with us at your own expense, no examination cost will be charged.

In correct delivery or transport damage must also be reported within a “reasonable time” from the time, the error was discovered. We recommended that you examine the products when taking and that your report any damage to the packaging directly to the freight forwarder or delivery point and note on the shipping documents.

Please send the package as an enterprises package for the fastest processing. When approving a complaint, send your package to:

Alive Moto

398 Avenue Maurice d’auvergne

77350 Lee Mee sur’



Please note that a copy of the receipt must be attached to the package and a complaint description. If the package is damaged upon delivery, you should immediately make a complaint where you pick up your package, so be sure to check the package when you pick it up. send the package as an enterprises package for the fastest processing. When approving a complaint, send your package to:


Refund: -

When returning, you will receive immediately we closed case back what was paid for the product, note that it can be take up to 8 working days. In the first instance, the refund is always made in the same payment method used at the time of purchase.


Delivery: -

Products that are in stock are normally shipped from warehouse 1-5 working days from the time the order is placed. In case of high sales, delay may occur. We try our best to always deliver as quickly as possible. Of course, we try to ship your order as soon as possible, but any delay may occur depending on season and time of the order. Our goal is that all orders received on a weekday before 10:00 which also any consist of products that are in stock, should be sent the same day, when the products have been packed and are ready to be sent to you, a delivery confirmation containing the parcel number and other information about your order will be sent by email to the address stated on your account. The delivery confirmation is sent when the package is packed and not transport has begun. It may take a few more time before the package can be tracked via, for example courier website. If your order contains both products that are not in stock and product that in stock, it is possible to have the products that are in stock sent to you earlier than those that are not in stock at the moment. If this should happen, you will first be contacted by us.


Uncollected shipments: -

We reserve the right to charge you the costs of return shipping, handling costs etc. You will be charged with a minimum fee 25 € for unclaimed packages.


Fair Use Policy: -

We Our assessment of whether you are violating our Fair Use Policy is based on a number of non-discriminatory criteria. These criteria take into account systematically deviant behavior. An order that risks being rejected due to our fair use policy can be identified by our staff or by an algorism that reads abnormal patterns in our customers buying and returning behavior. The final assessment of whether to accept or refuse the order is always made by our staff. If your order is refused, you will be informed of this via an e-mail sent to the e-mail address you provided when ordering, or an order may be cancelled completely.

Note that our fair use policy never prevents you from exercising your statutory right of withdrawal for 14 days or Alive Moto online open purchase valid for between 14-30 days (non-custom-made products / special orders) if you have made a binding purchase with us. However, our fair use policy may, in specific cases, prevent you from entering into an agreement with us.

Example of behaviors that violate our Fair Use Policy.

· Excessive or recurring abnormal purchase and return behaviors that show the customer previously had no intention of   keeping ordered products.

· Attempted fraud in connection with return, such as replacement/falsification of labels and price tags and false claims of lost products.

We strive to make as fair and accurate an assessment as possible if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are violating our Fair Yse Policy. You always have the right to request that we reconsider our assessment by contacting us on


Printing errors etc.: -

We reserve the right for printing errors, errors in information and errors in product specifications. All images are illustrative and do not have to reflect the exact appearance and nature of the product.


Copyright: -

All content on these pages is the property of Alive Moto or subcontractors. The information is protected by, among other things, copyright, marketing and trademarks. This means that trademarks, company names, product names and information about products regarding e.g., product weight, images and graphics, design, layout and other content may not necessarily by copied or used without explicit consent (written) from Alive Moto.


Made to measure orders: -

Alive Moto prides itself on offering made to measure orders at low prices. In the case of made-to-measure order, it is very important that you check your measurements really carefully and follow our recommendations and step by step help with measurement. The right of withdrawal and exchange do not apply to made-to-measure orders. In case of incorrectly Sewn products, the dimensions you specified are checked with the dimensions of the product. Note that the factory added 3-10 cm to the dimensions depending on the location in order for the mobility of the product to be optimal. After receiving your order, you size will be checked. Please note that this product’s price applies to body size up to 3XL. For larger body sizes, an additional cost 10€ / textile, 15€ / leather per exceeded size will be added. The additional cost is calculated by a Alive Moto agent after have received your body measurements. The delivery time is between 15 – 30 working days for depending seasonal load. Custom made solution cannot be ordered as cash on delivery. All additional fees will be charged afterwards and before production beings.


Independent advice and dispute resolution: -

In additional to contacting our customer service for help with complaints, right of withdrawal or other questions regarding your order, you as a customer can contact us or any your local consumer agency for information's.


Cookies: -

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and contains information. There are two types of cookies. One type saves a file permanently on your computer, the second type of cookie is called s session cookie. While you are browsinga page, this cookie is sent between your computer and the server to connect information, such as which login name you use. Session cookies are not stored permanently on your computer, but disappear, when you close your browser. Your browser must accept cookies, otherwise you will not be able to add items to your shopping cart.

Guarantees: -

You guarantee that the information you provide is correct and yours, or that you have the right to represent the specified person, and that you may enter into agreements unhindered and without pre judice approval of trustee or other person.

Advertising: -

Your personal data will be used for administration of your customer account, identification, direct marketing, customer surveys, newsletters, statistical purposes and mail, text messages and email to you. When you order from our website, we save your information as long as your order is registered with us. You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting our customer services and providing you contact details.