Driving School

Create recognition for your Traffic School

Do you need motorcycle clothes for your driving with embroidery or print?

We at Alive Moto are proud to offer promotional clothing for driving schools. We understand the importance of having the right clothing to represent your company while maintaining high safety standards for your student. Our profile clothing is specially designed to meet the needs of driving schools. We offer a wide a range of motorcycle apparel that can be customized with your company’s logo and colors to help promote your business and increase your visibility along the way. Our promotional clothing is not only stylish, it is also made high quality materials that ensure the safety of both teachers and students. We have everything from Jackets, trousers, suits to gloves, boots and helmets, all to ensure that you have the right equipment for your driving school. We are happy to help you find the best solution for your needs and help you build your company’s brand along the way.


Quality: -

We manufacturer high quality motorcycle clothing that is durable and comfortable to wear for a long time. We also ensure that the clothing meets the highest safety standards to ensure the safety of both driver and passengers.


Affordability: -

We offer competitive prices on our promotional clothing for driving schools, making then affordable for most driving school budgets.


Tailor-made solutions: -

We offer tailor-made solutions that allow driving schoolds to adapt the clothes to their specific needs. We can customize colors, prints and logos as desired.


Fast delivery: -

We have a fast and efficient production process that allows us to deliver the clothes within a short time after ordering.


Experience: -

We have extensive experience in manufacturing motorcycle clothing and have previously worked with driving schools and understand the specific needs of the industry. Our experience allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of driving schools.


With us you can order the following with your profiling: -

·       Motorcycle Jackets & trousers

·       Motorcycle One/Two-Piece Suits (Leather / Textile)

·       Traffic Vests

·       Teacher clothes

·       Motorcycle shoes / boots

·       Profile Clothing such as sweaters / jacket / t-shirt – vests

·       Gloves / scarf / Balaclava / Hoods

·       Motorcycle Helmets etc.


Contact us and an employee will contact you and tell you more about how we can help you.